We are Disciples of Christ, a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. As part of the one body of Christ, we welcome all to the table as God has welcomed us.

Fellowship Guild

Welcome to Fellowship Guild of Central Christian Church Enid, OK, (Guild). Guild’s primary goal is to provide education, information, community involvement and missions. The following are just a few things Guild is involved with throughout the year(s).

Guild provide educational programs both community and church related. We have had programs from Oklahoma Extension, Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative (OHAI), Bennie’s Barn, 4RKids and the Marshall Islands over the past few years along with many other informational programs. Programs have also been provided to keep us current on Central Christian Church’s (CCC) growth and educational opportunities of the Church.

Tia Chi has been a result of one of the programs that OHAI gave to the Guild group a few years ago. Guild approached OHAI about getting a class started here at CCC and it has continued for the last three years with now having two certified instructors to keep the classes going which are offered free of charge to anyone interested in the community.

Missions are very important to Guild in both local community and state wide levels. Guild has assisted a single mother of two children over the years with both financial and material needs. While Sue, not her real name, worked with getting herself established as a newly single mother and starting classes to become a licensed LPN, Guild assisted Sue with school supplies and clothes for her son to start Pre-K school the first year. For several years Guild has provided food and presents for Sue and her children during the holiday seasons and at other times throughout the years. Guild has also assisted with financial help as needed as well such as providing with a gas card to help with fuel for transportation when her son was having health issues and had to go to doctors appointments inTulsa. Guild also helped with the purchase of a laptop computer when her classes became more internet oriented. Once Sue graduated and received her certification a donation of interview clothes were provided for her to go to her first interviews. A recent update concerning Sue and her family, Guild heard that Sue is now furthering her education to receive a degree in Nursing while driving a transit bus for the City of Enid. Her son is now in third grade and her daughter is now 3 years old. Life is working out for this family and Guild is very proud to state we have helped Sue and children acquire just a few of their goals.

Guild also donates items to missionary groups locally. A few of those missions are Loaves and Fishes, Youth and Family Services, Hospice Circle of Love, Crisis Center at the Y and Disciple of Christ blanket fund. For the past two years Guild and CWF have combined efforts to provide two local schools with back to school supplies for students enrolled in those schools. Guild has given to Disciples Mission funds throughout the years and now will be supporting the state area through the Christian Church in Oklahoma funds. Bennie’s Barn has also been a recipient of donations in the form of a gift card to Atwood’s to assist in feeding their horses that provide much needed therapy for individuals. Guild has both provided community involvement with the partiants of Tri State Music Festival and providing snacks for those using CCC facilities each year for Tri State as a fundraiser to be used toward mission goals.

For further information regarding Guild please contact CCC office or any member of Guild.