We are Disciples of Christ, a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. As part of the one body of Christ, we welcome all to the table as God has welcomed us.

Congo Missions

Jesus said, “Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”  The missionary effort of the Christian Church started in 1876 when the Foreign Christian Missionary Society was formed.  Missionaries were sent to India, China, Japan, Africa, Cuba, Honolulu, the Philippines, and Tibet.  The FCMS name was changed to the United Christian Missionary Society in 1920.  Today the name for the organization is Global Ministries and it has become a joint effort with the United Church of Christ.  Other countries have been added.

In 1897 the first of our missionaries landed in the Congo.  They traveled upriver to Bolenge at the Equator and began work there in 1899.  The tropical climate and primitive conditions took a toll of their health.  But through their ingenuity and skill they fashioned their own tools and wrote their own textbooks.  Churches, schools, and hospitals were established and Africans were trained to work in those areas. The work expanded over an area about the size of Kansas.

Many missionaries had studied at Phillips University here in Enid; a large part of them went to the Congo.  Edna Poole became the Living Link missionary for Central Christian Church.  She was there from 1931 to 1963.  She was in charge of local and outstation schools and had a progressive approach to Christian Education.  Don and Barbara Angle were Congo missionaries from 1958 to 1973 working in evangelism and education and now are members of Central Christian Church.IMG_3731

Central Christian Church, formed at the same time the Congo mission was started, has supported missions for many years.  The Christian Women’s Fellowship has always studied the work around the world and supported it through the church.  In the early days the mission of the church was to take the gospel to all the world.  That has been accomplished and today the mission is to work together with the churches, helping them with special needs.

All the churches in the Congo work together as one united church and a Protestant University has been established in the capital, Kinshasa.  Central Christian Church responded to a need in Bolenge when the hospital burned down and needed to be rebuilt.  Our gifts are helping with that rebuilding.  We also recently have helped with the establishment of water wells there which can be maintained by the Congolese and which provide sources of clean water to improve the health of the people.