We are Disciples of Christ, a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. As part of the one body of Christ, we welcome all to the table as God has welcomed us.

Mission Work Abroad


Wells and hospital


Built 4 Schools and continued support

Dominican Republic



Central Christian Church, formed at the same time the Congo mission was started, has supported missions for many years.  The Christian Women’s Fellowship has always studied the work around the world and supported it through the church.  In the early days the mission of the church was to take the gospel to all the world.  That has been accomplished and today the mission is to work together with the churches, helping them with special needs.

All the churches in the Congo work together as one united church and a Protestant University has been established in the capital, Kinshasa.  Central Christian Church responded to a need in Bolenge when the hospital burned down and needed to be rebuilt.  Our gifts are helping with that rebuilding.  We also recently have helped with the establishment of water wells there which can be maintained by the Congolese and which provide sources of clean water to improve the health of the people.

 Puno, Peru Mission

During the holiday season of 2004 it was brought to the attention of a small group of Central Christian Church that there were three Pronoei Schools for the very poorest in Puno, Peru that needed our assistance.  These schools are for children 3 to 5  years.  None of the schools had adequate supplies including tables, chairs, shelves, play equipment, activities, and expendable materials (paper, crayons, markers, glue, etc.)  All the buildings were in deplorable condition with one school not having a building or land (the teacher of this school was spending the majority of her salary to rent a very small room made from mud with a dirt floor.)  Children of Pronoei Schools are also not eligible for testing to enter public primary programs in Peru.

Since that time we built four new school buildings (we have added another school), supplied the equipment and supplies needed for instruction and changed how these families view education.  We require the communities to do all unskilled labor and to supply one of the materials for the buildings.

After becoming actively involved in the buildings and in their children’s education the parents have become their child’s advocate.  Upon the insistence of parents from these communities, these four schools have been investigated by the state and the children attending them are now allowed to take the entry exam into public primary school.  Many of the students from these schools now enter primary school and ride the top of their classes.  On one of our mission visits we met the Secretary of Education at one of the schools.

Our purpose for this mission is to show the spirit of Christmas for the children where this had never existed and to provide the supplies needed to educate the children who attend these schools.  It is also necessary to supply adequate buildings while keeping the parents and the community invested.  We want to not only make education important and change lives of children but we also want to change the educational goals of families and communities where there has just been hopelessness.

Since we started this mission it has always remained a grass roots mission.  No one has received money for services.  All services have been done by volunteers both in Enid and in Puno.  The only service we have paid for is painting and the repainting of some of the murals and skilled labor if needed on the buildings.  The Galdos Gamero Family have donated all the legal and engineering services.  One hundred percent of all money received goes directly to the mission.